Expect to see more of this in the years to come…

September 20, 2009

Unfaithful woman seeks 2nd chance by wearing sign

SANDUSKY, Ohio (AP) – An Ohio woman who said she was unfaithful has chosen a very public way of asking her boyfriend not to break up their engagement.

It’s a rare woman who admits to doing a man wrong–and even rarer to voluntarily do penance for that wrong. But as man wake up to the fact that that they deserve the same respect that feminism has demanded for women, women will have to go to these lengths if they want to have relationships with men.

The tide shall turn.


Even the toughest nut can be cracked

September 16, 2009

Observe the following:

Consider Megan Fox’s attitude and general domination during the interview; pretty much in keeping with her control strategies mentioned here, isn’t it? Megan certainly seems to be the sort of woman who dominates any relationship she’s involved in, doesn’t she?

Now–consider this video:

Quite different, once she gets put in her place by Matt Zaller; she’s off kilter from his neg, and when she tries to regain her tough-girl image, she comes off as incredibly awkward. Notice how she tries passive-aggressive cues such as playing with her ring to try to redirect Zaller’s attention back to her. Then she gets negged a second time, resulting in the paper bag going on her head.

A much better analysis of this can be found at Roissy in DC blog, but the important point is this: even the most willful woman can be rendered submissive through proper manipulation. No woman is completely out of reach.

The Day After

September 12, 2009

“For All We Have and Are”

For all we have and are,
For all our children’s fate,
Stand up and meet the war.
The Hun is at the gate!
Our world has passed away
In wantonness o’erthrown.
There is nothing left to-day
But steel and fire and stone.

Though all we knew depart,
The old commandments stand:
“In courage keep your heart,
In strength lift up your hand.”

Once more we hear the word
That sickened earth of old:
“No law except the sword
Unsheathed and uncontrolled,”
Once more it knits mankind,
Once more the nations go
To meet and break and bind
A crazed and driven foe.

Comfort, content, delight —
The ages’ slow-bought gain —
They shriveled in a night,
Only ourselves remain
To face the naked days
In silent fortitude,
Through perils and dismays
Renewd and re-renewed.

Though all we made depart,
The old commandments stand:
“In patience keep your heart,
In strength lift up your hand.”

No easy hopes or lies
Shall bring us to our goal,
But iron sacrifice
Of body, will, and soul.
There is but one task for all —
For each one life to give.
Who stands if freedom fall?
Who dies if England live?

~Rudyard Kipling


September 11, 2009

Andrew Klavan on Remembering 9/11 and the Culture:

And, for a look at what our boys are going through in Afghanistan:

Combat Outpost

(NSFW; They’re Marines, waddaya expect?)