Well…didn’t *that* just show up out of left field…

Let’s call her the Negotiator; a co-worker of mine who is often called upon to save the collective bacon of my immediate superiors. To be honest, she’s a 5 physically, but she’s has a razor-sharp mind and an inherent sexuality that beguiles me when I’m off my guard. Very seductive, very enticing when she wants to be. I respect her for her abilities and skill. Goddammit, she’s a friend.

We were shooting the shit over the phone, when this exchange happened:

Her: “What are you doing this weekend?”

Me: “Nothing planned; maybe I’ll get myself into some trouble.”

Her: “Well, let me know if you find interesting to do, alright?”


Did she just ask me to involve her in my weekend doings?

Edit: I think I’ve been unfair to the woman; I’m not really sure where she falls on the physical beauty spectrum, because she knows how to play up her sexuality. Plus I like her as a friend, so that interferes with my ability to make an objective judgment. She does have a slamming figure, but she’s letting herself go (the last time I saw her, she sported a muffin-top), and her face has some heaviness to it that detracts from her overall looks.


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