Why women don’t get “caught” in sex scandals.

Why are women rarely caught with their pants down? Rebecca Dana on the adultery gender divide. Plus, notable female affairs through history, from Princess Di to Ayn Rand.

With a tip o’ the hat to Kathie Shaidle over at Five Feet of Fury for the link, and the pithy summation: “Female writers don’t get groupies. We get stalkers.

One point to the contrary, pace Mrs. Shaidle; this, is the actual money quote:

“Men are typically seen as having agency and women are typically seen as being acted upon in romantic relationships,” says New York writer Emily Gould (a survivor of her own small-scale sex scandal). “So then even when those stereotypical power dynamics aren’t really the ones at play, the culture-making machinery will simplify whatever the real story is until it is a more familiar wronged-woman, lothario-man narrative.”


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