The Christmas Party

Man, I’ve got a long way to go.

Company Christmas Party last night. A dimly-lit hole in the wall with loud music and an absurd number of blondes. Seriously–I thought LA was the city where they grew on trees.

I watched my behavior during the party, to determine what I need to work on. I think I’ve got most of the basics down–upright posture, hands down, no crossing the arms, etc. What I suck at is eye-contact with strange women–I kept avoiding eye contact with the women in the club. It’s hard overcoming all those years of bad habits, and it doesn’t help that I just found out that a former co-worker of mine is being investigated for sexual harassment because he stared at a female co-worker. This is the People’s Republic, after all–you can get sued at the drop of a hat. Dammit, we don’t even own our eyes in this fuckin’ state!

The bigger problem I have is my passive behavior in groups; I am not initiating conversation, and I am not inserting myself into the dynamic of the group. I’m still dwelling on the fringe of the group, and when others move on to other conversations, I find myself alone.

So much to work on.

An additional: I definitely mis-characterized the Negotiator; she’s lost the muffin-top, and she doesn’t nearly have the heavy facial features that I originally thought she had. A 7. I’ve also discovered that she’s an Adventuress (see Practical Female Psychology for an explanation. Unfortunately, I don’t feel any interest for me on her part. Sigh


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