Will fembots break the femarchy?

Ran across the following post by Alkibiades (damn, but that’s a cool handle) over at Seasons of Tumult and Discord. My response in the comments section:

I’ll believe in the fembot revolution when they can perform like Jennifer Lopez did on New Year’s Eve. Until then, women will have the upper hand.

Do note, however–the more advanced fembots get, the more absurd and extreme behavior women will have to engage in just to keep men on the pasture.

I mean, let’s face it:

Could you really see her doing that 10 years ago? I saw camel toe–I’m sure a lot of other guys did too.

Is this what feminism has led too? Was Jennifer really an empowered, strong woman when she was gyrating up on that stage like a stripper, desperate for the approval of her audience? And, let’s give a stripper credit–a stripper has no illusions about what she does; I’m more than certain that J-Lo and her fans have more than a few justifications for that performance.

The sexual market has changed; just the idea that men might find a substitute for women results in all sorts of frenetic behavior. The more the message gets out that men won’t put up with the shit women dump on them, the harder it will become for feminism to keep its hold on society.

Edit: Obligatory But-I-might-be-whistling-out-my-ass caveat. What do I know? All I can say is that when Madonna did the gyrate-and-bump thing back in the ’80’s, it worked because it was titillating and shocking; when I see “current” performers do it, it looks desperate.


5 Responses to Will fembots break the femarchy?

  1. Alkibiades says:

    ah well, considering that there’s roughly 14% of the male population between 25-45 who’ve never had sex and at least an equal number who rarely have sex, I think the fembots will be popular enough.

  2. Alkibiades says:

    ..and I don’t think JLo could be wearing anything underneath that body suit. Not too bad for a gal hitting the wall.

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  4. Al Fin says:

    There is something very sad about an aging starlet trying to prove that she still has it. Why do women do that as they age? Are they so frightened of the new talent coming down the pipe that they want to prove they’ve still got the moves — so don’t you dare look away?

    Women get old, flabby, wrinkly, infertile, and disagreeable. Why do they pretend otherwise? Even after Aubrey de Grey brings human lifespan up to a 500 year average, women will still get cranky — it’s in the genes.

    Have you ever considered the effect of air-dropping sexbots over the third world villages where the fertility rates are 3 times higher than in the civilised world?

    So don’t bet against the sexbots, my friends. Put together virtual reality, advanced pheromones, aphrodisiacs, woodie-makers, and advanced robotics / psychologics and watch the population dwindle.

    • theblanque says:

      Like I said: until sexbots are able to do what J-Lo did in her New Year’s Eve performance, women will have the upper hand. Asking an old man (well, ok–middle aged) man like myself to hold out until you get the bugs worked out is kind of like asking a virgin to hold out for “that special someone”–it’s doable, but there’s no guarantee that she’ll show up.

      Still, it puts pressure on the feminists; the majority of women aren’t going to go lesbo, and the idea that men might have a legitimate alternative to women will put pressure on women to change. I’m pretty sure that the thought of growing old alone is as terrifying to women as it is to men.

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