Men will bet on anything.

I’ve heard of fantasy football, but this just blows my stack. Back when I was in college, the guys on my floor (“The Hall”) used to keep score on their lays, so I’m familiar with the concept. But I’m still a little shocked that this has made it onto the Web. I shouldn’t be–some people will bet on anything. I can see how it would help in Game, particularly with a group of guys that know each other pretty well. I just can’t see myself doing it though–too much fear of failure.


3 Responses to Men will bet on anything.

  1. Silas says:

    In my family we have a frequently used saying: “Everything is more exciting if you bet on it.”

    So, we frequently place bets on the outcomes of just about everything. We’ll bet on games. We’ll bet on gifts. We’ll bet on what people will do.

    Apparently, some of my siblings are even betting on how long my present LTR and my sister’s present LTR will last…

    • theblanque says:

      Well, that’s just harsh–talk about pressure to succeed! What kind of odds are you drawing?

      • Silas says:

        Oh, there’s no pressure. I don’t really care who gains or loses money on the bet. Typically we keep things simple… most of our bets are all 1:1 odds. Only for certain special occasions will we change the odds.

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