Women always test.

Women always test.

The Negotiator did it again. Twice in the last week.

The first was during a promo for Red Bull on the Plaza; a trio of snowmobile stuntmen using a ski jump to leap onto a large pile of snow. They started witout EMS, and without fire extinquishers or fire suppression eqipment. Damn dangerous, and I made the mistake of saying as much over the phone.

The Negotiator said: “Really? You think so?”

And that was when I realized what was going on. Shit. I did my best to recover: “Well, my experience is a little limited; the only times I’ve been in the air like that was either on a plane, or falling.”

She laughed at that, but it was still a weak recovery.

The second was when she asked what I was doing this weekend; I worked the vampire shift last night, and I have a CT Scan Monday, so I’m doing much. But there it is–she wants in on my activities outside work.

Next week, I’ve got a surprise party for my younger brother (he’s hitting 40), but I figure that’s to personal an event to ask her to go to. Never force your family onto a woman–even if your sister-in-law has her shit together (sometimes especially if she has her shit together).

I have to plan something local to her location–I want to have her on turf that she feels comfortable on. Dear Lord, please don’t let me screw this up.

On the positive side of things, I managed to clip the Journalist’s wings, just a little bit–but still a much deserved neg.

She phoned the desk the other day, asking if I would have someone unlock the door to her office.

“You mean, Mr. XXX’s office?” She is his secretary.

“Yeah, that’s what I mean.” I could feel the down-turn in her voice.

It wasn’t much, but it was something. Death by a thousand cuts.

Edit: It’s nice to know my experiences are not unique.


3 Responses to Women always test.

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  2. Silas says:

    Ahh, the delicious art of verbal repartee! You could look at it as a test, or you could view verbal interactions as a playground for adults. Since we don’t run around and play tag and hide and seek as often as when we were kids, we desperately need some sort of fun. Conversations provide the perfect framework to be playful with one’s words! When you enjoy witty discourse it becomes more of an amusing and enjoyable exchange, rather than a “test.”

    • theblanque says:

      Oh, it was a test; the shift in the tone of her voice conveyed her disappointment quite clearly. She is an adventuress–she recently stated her desire to one day climb the Half Dome in Yellowstone National Park. Displaying my disapproval for the activity of the snowmobile riders decreased my value in her eyes. Women always test.

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