Linkage: Spreading the Word Around, As Best I Can.

A Weapon of Mass Seduction: Arden Leigh on PUAs Everywhere Are Trying Repetition!

The G Manifesto: The G Manifesto Awards, The Best of 2009

Roosh V: How To Tell If A Girl Is Serious About Fucking and 6 Step Strategy For Living Abroad

Season Of Tumult and Discord: Alkibiades on Weekend Movie Reccomendation: Assassin Edition and If I was a gigantic pussy…

Approach Anxiety: Eric Disco on Her Lips Are Sealed and Don’t Call It Lucky. Call It Tuesday

The Real Assanova: The Friend Zone Can Be Good

The Obsidian Files: Speaking of Thugtician and An Open Letter to Denise Romano MA, EdM (A MAJOR Corrective To Her Views on Game & Other Issues (You gotta hand it to Obsidian; he got a hell of a lot of faith in the goodness of human nature.)

The Dating Chronicles of Tyler: Sex Panther and Simplify First

The Boston Bachelor: An Open Letter To All Women: How To Really Meet Mr. Right

The Real Savoy: Women Lie Sex as Much As Men, but… and How To Pick Up Women Online…(not)

TED: Robert Sapolsky–The Uniqueness of Humans

The Other McCain: Roll Tide: The Universal Greeting

Edit: How could I forget– In Mala Fide‘s Ferdinand Berdamu on Another Double Standard


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