The Devil just bought 10,000 snow shovels today…

I never thought I would live to see a Republican give a Democrat this tight a run for a Senate seat–not in Massachusetts! Not with ol’ Ted in the ground less than a year!

Poll shocker: Scott Brown surges ahead in Senate race

Mind you–I have very little faith in the GOP; the Bush II years proved that they are as oblivious to how bad the nation’s economy is, and they’ve become entrenched in the same Big Government bureaucracies that the Democrats favor.

But the Democrats have made it personal with this Health Care shit: The Great Liberal Fallacy. (A tip ‘o the hat to Ferdinand Bardamu at In Mala Fide for that link–his blog is better than mine). I was informed at work yesterday that, should the Senate pass the Obama Health Care plan, my employer would dump our current plan and adopt the Fed’s plan–leaving me and the members of my unit paying 40% more for health coverage. Sorry folks–me and my mates are barely scraping by as it is; I can’t afford that kind of hit. I’ve already noticed a little looseness around my waistline–and it ain’t because I’m doing more sit-ups in the morning.

So, if having 41 Repuglicans in the Senate means, at the very least, that I don’t take another whack to my paycheck every month, all I have to say is: Go, Brown Go!

Edit: Goddam, he just might do it!

Edit: 01/19/10 21:29hrs–Holy shit–he did it!!


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