“Fear shall keep the local systems in line…”

Ever notice that the lead story of your local news is always trying to make you feel small and vulnerable, and that the “journalists” and “newscasters” on the other side of The Glass Teat know what’s best for you–even though you know that it can’t be half as bad as they portray the situation, and that the bubble-headed bleach-blond left most of her marbles at the playground a long time ago?

Yeah, me too. Now, I know why.

(With a tip ‘o the hat to Kathy Shaidle, and to Ed Morrissey at Hot Air)

Kathy adds this choice little morsel:

Women love these “child molesters are everywhere”/”danger in your medicine cabinet” stories because getting all worked up about them sort of convinces them (and, they hope, anybody watching them) that they really “care” about their children— whereas, if they really did care about them, they’d be at home with them instead of working for half a paycheque at some 90-minute-each-way cubicle job, shuffling pointless pieces of paper between cubicles and complaining about how it’s always too hot or too cold “in this crazy office” because they “need” to have a “career.”

Marie Curie had a career. You probably don’t.


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