This is Alpha, and this is Beta.

A quick and dirty summation of what Game is:

This is a man without Game:

He gets eaten alive. This is Beta.

This is a man with Game:

Not only does he not get manipulated but he ends up manipulating her. This is Alpha.

This is Game. No rape, no force, no lies, no deception. Just Game.

(Yes, I know I’ve posted these videos before; the comparison between the Alpha and the Beta are too good to slip below the fold.)


3 Responses to This is Alpha, and this is Beta.

  1. TAllagash says:

    notice how he asks several questions of Johnny, she tries to but in, even then makes a louder statement, I’m sorry, just one second with deferential/dismissive hand gesture akin to a small pesky dog/child, she glances around with her “ouch comment” subconsciously seeking affirmation that he is being mean to her, he glares down the simp of a guy..and note how her body language changes automatically, the arm up, head tilted away but chin turned in. she is fighting it, discongruent. she is irked yet interested that he has ignored her and put her in place with no soft voiced manner which the guy Johnny seems to use when he opens his mouth.

  2. TAllagash says:

    she immediately turns on the sass to give the dorky first guy a hard time. it is instantaneous.

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