Hell hath no fury…up in big lights.

Jilted Mistress Takes Out Times Square Billboard

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Particularly if that woman has access to billboards in Times Square.

According to Gawker, a slew of giant billboards have popped up in New York, San Francisco and Atlanta featuring a mysterious couple, Charles E. Phillips and YaVaughnie Wilkins. The signs spotlight an oversize image of the couple cuddling, along with the words “You are my soul mate forever! – cep” and a link to a bizarre website littered with love notes and romantic pics of the canoodlers. (The site, charlesphillipsandyavaughniewilkins.com, has now been shut down.)

There’s only one little problem.

Charles is the co-president of software giant Oracle and on the board of President Obama’s economic recovery team. YaVaughnie is – not his wife.

First off: Damn! Talk about making the drama public! It sucks to be Charles E. Phillips these days.

Second: This is why you have to avoid women with low self-esteem; as noted by South, Clare & Franco in Practical Female Psychology, women with low self-esteem love drama, and will engage in destructive behavior to generate such behavior. Charles should have tested her much more thoroughly before starting the affair (not that I would advocate a married man engage in an illicit affair in the first place–it always ends in tears).

Third: You have to hand it to the woman–this is how revenge should be done. If you’re going to hurt somebody, hurt them bad. Your mark should feel the sting of your vengeance for years afterward. Poor ol’ Chuck is going to be hurting for a long, long time.


2 Responses to Hell hath no fury…up in big lights.

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  2. TAllagash says:

    where’s the chorus of married women saying’ FUCK THAT HOMEWRECKER?!!?!”!””!

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