Linkage–Round the List.

Roissy in DC: It’s A Trap!

The Obsidian Files: Why Women Frequent Game Forums, and also, the quote of the day:

Because Women by and large are indirect beings, it is very hard for them to come to grips with things, especially when it comes to themselves. Many Women who find themselves in Game forums and the like, are very turned on by what they read about, and sometimes by the posters themselves. But because of their own hangups, there’s a lot of cognitive dissonance on this front. At any rate, very few Women will just come out and admit that when a Man runs tight Game she gets really turned on by that. Just like very few Women will step to a guy that she likes.

In Mala Fide: The beta who would be governor and Larry Auster Weighs in on Weekly Standard article on Sex, Relationships and Game

The Rawness: The Myth of the Middle Class Alpha Male–Part I

Seasons of Tumult and Discord: A clash is building between Tallyrand and Silas Reinagel; Silas comes often comes off as a little naive about women, but he’s spot-on in his analysis of Tally’s errors.

Roosh V: When BOPE Invaded My Favela Roosh’s nightlife is more interesting than yours…

The Real Assanova: What Every Skinny Guy Should Know

Hooking Up Smart: It Takes A Man to Speak Truth about the Women of UNC–the phrase, “no, it’s your withering love box that’s the bad news” alone makes it worthwhile.

The Real Savoy: Dimitri the Lover–again; yes–that Dimitri–is going to get the Hollywood Treatment.

Be afraid–be very afraid.

Game for Omegas: The Game Mindset and Could the Dog Whisperer Be One Of The Best Things On Game


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  1. Susan Walsh says:

    Thanks for the link love, I appreciate it!

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