Shrinking violet, indeed!

Just took a Narcissistic Personality Test posted by Susan Walsh of Hooking Up Smart, and I came out thusly:

Narcissistic Trait
Authority: 1.00
Self-Sufficiency: 1.00
Superiority: 0.00
Exhibitionism: 0.00
Exploitativeness: 0.00
Vanity: 0.00
Entitlement: 2.00

Given that the average score is 12 and 15, with celebrities scoring about an 18 (and true narcissists scoring about a 20), I would say that I have a long way to go.


2 Responses to Shrinking violet, indeed!

  1. Susan Walsh says:

    Just wanted to say hi, nice to meet you. Thanks for the link love! I like your stuff – will be back.

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