What Season is this?

Alkibiades and Tallyrand won’t be coming down for breakfast?


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I first started reading Seasons of Tumult and Discord after stumbling over Roissy’s blog, and while it wasn’t a “Game” blog per se, the two authors do provide some good insights into the nature of women.

They do hit a lot of tender toes–I guess they hit one a bit more sensitive than most.

Edit: They’re back–apparently they fell afoul a persistent spammer. Welcome back.


2 Responses to What Season is this?

  1. Alkibiades, the killer of dreams says:

    I had a couple of links in the weekend link fest that were hijacked by a PUA going by the name ‘mactactics’. WP asked that they be removed and while I was doing that I either missed one or I don’t know. Anyway, we were frozen a second time. Anyway, we’re back up once again.

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