I must be doing something right,….

…because I got a scoped out by an easy 6 at the Mickey D’s Friday morning–while she was sitting next to her man.

I stop off at the place every morning before work for my morning coffee and sandwich (I ain’t paying the Dunkin’s rate until they bring the quality up), and as I’m sitting there eating I feel eyes on me. I look up, and there’s a brunette giving me solid eye contact. She held my gaze for a good five seconds, then broke off to answer a question or comment from the man she was with. A few minutes later, the two get up to leave–and she gives me another five second stare, looking back over her shoulder at me as her friend emptied their trays. She then took his proffered hand, and the two left together.

Man, what an ego boost. I’ve seen women give that look to others, but I’ve never been on the receiving end myself–not even when I was getting laid. “Late bloomer”, indeed–maybe getting old isn’t as bad as I thought it was.

UPDATE: And it happened again, today (8/16), as I was leaving work–this time from an 8 who stopped, gave me a once over, did a classic lip-bite, and then left. Damn me for not realizing what had happened until she was across the street!


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