Justice Scalia is a prophet. Woe unto us all.

Bob Belvedere, of Camp of the Saints, relates the following over in the comments section of The Other McCain:

In 2003 people said Justice Scalia was ‘crazy’ when, in his dissent in Lawrence v. Texas, he said the decision would inevitably lead to the courts ruling ‘gay marriage’ constitutional using the 14th Amendment. Well, it is rather obvious, in light of the decisions that have come out of state and federal courts across the country, that Nino is a prophet.

None of this is surprising. Ideology inevitably leads to taking ideas to their logical conclusions outside of reality because ideas are laboratory experiments. Same sex marriage is one of the stops along the way to the end of opening marriage to every kind and type of combination — logic demands it…and soon the ideologues will, too.

In light of the logic used by Judge Walker, Matt, what is to stop a future judge from ruling that one can marry a close relative, or multiple people, or a minor? The answer is ‘NOTHING’.

And, again:

In the 1990’s, when the fight for ‘gay marriage’ began in earnest, many dismissed it chances of success as ’silly’ and ‘crazy’ – the laugh is now on them.

What is to stop the age of consent from being lowered or abolished [especially as we continue to give Sharia legal standing]?

Woe unto us.


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