So, why hasn’t Ted Rall been charged with incitement to domestic terrorism?

Hard on the heels of “Timmy Tantrum” Wise’s projecting screech at the “White Right” over the Republican victories in the Mid-Terms, we have Ted “Tough Talk” Rall calling for the overthrow of the US government:

We can wait for the system to collapse of its own accord, for the rage of the downtrodden and dispossessed to build, for chaos of some sort to expose and destroy it. But implosion might take a long time. And when it happens, we may find ourselves even more powerless than we are now. They — the hardcore, racist, undereducated, fundamentalist Christian, anti-civil liberties Right — are preparing to step into the breach, to seize power. They can’t wait to unleash their venomous hatred on the city-dwelling commie hipster fags they despise. They are armed. They recognize that the system is doomed. They’ve seen this coming. They’re organized and willing to merge their disparate brands of conservatism under a common
leadership. Most importantly, they get it. They don’t need to be convinced that everything is in play. They’re putting it in play.

You must change that. You must become strong. You must organize. You must do whatever it takes to oppose the system.When you get the chance, you must destroy it. If you don’t kill it, it will die nonetheless. But it will drag us down along with it. That is what happened to the Russians. Though some Marxist analysts attribute the events of 1991 to counterrevolutionary forces — the politicians who gathered around Boris Yeltsin certainly fit the bill in some respects — the Soviet government wasn’t actually toppled. It collapsed. Broke and ideologically exhausted, its adherence to revolutionary socialist principles having devolved to mere lip service, the very idea of government as a viable and necessary entity withered and disappeared. Power decentralized. Without an organized group of opposition leaders poised to take the reins, the vacuum was filled by former factory managers and gangsters who backed the men who morphed into Russia’s present-day oligarchs.

Revolution, though bloody and terrifying, would have been easier than the slow convulsions of collapse. So it will be here.

If the U.S. government is going to collapse anyway, it behooves us to first replace it with something that can stand in its place. Unless we act, we’ll have to deal with a post-collapse scenario, in which we’ll have to fend off roving criminal gangs, hoodlums, predatory corporations, oppressive residual government entities, and an emboldened political right.

(All italics are mine.)

Could you imagine the shit-storm that would fly were a Tea Partier to say something like this–let alone write a book advocating it?

Of course, “Tough Talk Ted” doesn’t want to do any of hard stuff like leading his revolution:

Well, that’s not what this book is about. I don’t want to lead a revolution — not because I’m not willing, but because I wouldn’t be good at it. I’m not wired that way. I’ve never even been a community organizer.

No, no, no– Teddy wants other people to do all that sweaty, messy stuff like fighting and dying. Wouldn’t want the cartoonist to ruin his manicure, now–would we?

Ted is that guy at the back of the crowd who likes to egg people on when a barfight is brewing, but is the first to run for the exit when the shit begins to fly. Ted Rall is no Bill Ayers.

I don’t think I’ll hold my breath waiting for the FBI to pick up Teddy.


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