Do you want to undermine the Matriarchy? Then stop fucking.

April 10, 2011

Seriously. What is it that drives the matriarchal control of men today? What is it that the matriarchy manipulates to achieve their goals?

The answer is obvious: it’s the sex drive of men.

If you want to take power back, stop doing what your enemy wants you to do: stop fucking. Stop hooking up, stop going to bars and clubs, stop behaving like there is nothing more to being a man than dipping your wick. Stop fucking.

Watch how quickly the feminists panic when they have nothing to hold over you anymore: “Do as we say, or you’ll never get laid again!”

Answer them: “Fine–I’ll never get laid again.” Watch what happens.


An in-law gives me a look…

December 21, 2010

…and it’s got me wondering.

Family function at my brother’s the other day: his wife has a niece (18-19) who’s a HB8-9. I’ve occasionally gotten a look from the Niece that had me nervous, but the last one has me downright worried.

I don’t want to be the Creepy Uncle; truth be told, I think (*IF* I am reading her correctly) she might be focusing on me because my brother is married to her aunt. This would be an explosive situation if it progressed. Fortunately, these family get togethers are infrequent–the best course of action is to ignore it, and hope that her current boyfriend keeps her otherwise occupied.

But…damn, it’s been a loooooong time since I got that look from a woman. It makes you feel young (well, younger).

A little re-decorating.

November 7, 2010

Decided to change up the theme. Generally, I’m not fond of light text against a dark background because it’s a bit hard on the eyes ( at least that’s my experience– I might need bifocals ). It was getting a bit hard to read the Green Girl theme, so I’ve gone with Contempt. Hopefully that will prove easier on the eyes.

Mencius Moldbug has an interesting article entitled Democracy, cis and trans; Maine’s Law. It’s something to think about.

I must be doing something right,….

August 8, 2010

…because I got a scoped out by an easy 6 at the Mickey D’s Friday morning–while she was sitting next to her man.

I stop off at the place every morning before work for my morning coffee and sandwich (I ain’t paying the Dunkin’s rate until they bring the quality up), and as I’m sitting there eating I feel eyes on me. I look up, and there’s a brunette giving me solid eye contact. She held my gaze for a good five seconds, then broke off to answer a question or comment from the man she was with. A few minutes later, the two get up to leave–and she gives me another five second stare, looking back over her shoulder at me as her friend emptied their trays. She then took his proffered hand, and the two left together.

Man, what an ego boost. I’ve seen women give that look to others, but I’ve never been on the receiving end myself–not even when I was getting laid. “Late bloomer”, indeed–maybe getting old isn’t as bad as I thought it was.

UPDATE: And it happened again, today (8/16), as I was leaving work–this time from an 8 who stopped, gave me a once over, did a classic lip-bite, and then left. Damn me for not realizing what had happened until she was across the street!

That’s a damn good question….

July 18, 2010

In FB’s latest linkage round-up (Warning: NSFW–topless totty at the top of the page), there’s a link to the following article:Why Don’t Teenage Girls Swoon for Middle-Aged Billionaires?, by Satoshi Kanazawa.

Kanazawa raises a good point when he states:

Throughout human evolutionary history, and in contemporary tribal societies today, girls get married soon after reaching puberty and thus at the peak of their reproductive value. They typically marry much older men of high status, great political power, and ample resources. A typical marriage, both throughout human evolutionary history and in contemporary tribal societies, is between a newly pubescent teenage girl and a middle-aged or elderly tribal chief, who marries her as his third or fourth or eleventh wife. Young boys in their adolescence and early adulthood are almost never able to marry, until they are much older and have acquired the means and status to do so.

So why do today’s teenage girls find teenage boys, like Bieber and Lautner, sexually attractive, but not much older men of greater status and means, like Gates and Branson, who are exactly the type of men that the teenage girls would have married had they lived 10,000 years ago or today in tribal societies in Africa? Teenage girls today could not possibly have evolved psychological mechanisms to find teenage boys sexually attractive, because such an evolved psychological mechanism would have been highly maladaptive in the ancestral environment. Any teenage girl who was foolish enough to have fallen in love with and married a teenage boy, without the status and means to protect her and her children, was not likely to have left many surviving offspring.

In essence, the author acknowledges the Roissy Truism “The Gina Tingle conquers all”, and wants to know why?

My immediate, gut-level response would be, “Because they can.”

We live in what is, arguably, the wealthiest civilization in all of recorded history. Even the general “poor” in the West have access to material goods that would have staggered the imagination of our ancestors–even those at the beginning of the 20th Century would be amazed at what we have today. Historically, most people have lived at subsistence level; if you lost your livelihood, you didn’t go on unemployment–you starved. And, I don’t mean you go hungry–you starved:

There’s a reason the Gods of the Copybook Headings say: If you don’t work, you die! And, if Vox Day is right in his analysis of the economy of the West (The Return of the Great Depression), those gods may very well be limping their way up to the podium to explain that to us again.

Under such conditions, what Satoshi Kanazawa states is true: women wouldn’t settle for the prettyboys–they would grab up a proven provider with gusto. But we don’t live in historically usual circumstances–the imminent pressure of death doesn’t press down on the female side of the sexual marketplace as it usually does, so women are free to waste their time sexually pursuing whom they please, and the criteria for a mate becomes one primarily of aesthetics, instead of economics.

The irony is palpable: just as men build empires to defend the nations they love, so too, men build civilizations to protect the children they love; and the consequences of a poorly-built (or, as I suspect is the truth in the West, poorly-defended) civilization are as tragic as those of a poorly-built empire.

Edit: Dennis Mangan has his own take on Kanazawa’s question (tip o’ the hat to Alkibiades for the link).

Why is it…

July 15, 2010

….that every time the Journalist calls me, the Negotiator calls as well?

One would almost suspect one knew about the other–and was keeping tabs on me to make sure I didn’t stray to far off the reservation. Their reservation, of course.

Imagine if they found out about the Legal Secretary, and how I’ve been trying to open her up. Heh.

A quote to live by…

May 3, 2010

We tend to worry most about that which is least likely. The sweet guy always worries he’s being too mean. The cruel bastard always worries that he’s being too gentle. ~ Vox Day