FB has left the building.

December 24, 2010

Ferdinand Bardamu, host of In Mala Fide, has announced that he has left the building.

I envy the bastard– he got out before I did. It’ll take me another 6 months before I can start shopping my resume around for new jobs, and even then, I’m limited by my medical needs (my cancer came back in September–chemo sucks). Still, even if I’m forced to remain close to where I am, anything away from where I am now will be an improvement.

I drink to FB’s success tonight– he deserves his props.


Roosh has a couple of posts….

September 30, 2010

…that are a must read: The Future of Game, which is slightly depressing, but logically inevitable.

How To Shorten Your Game Learning Curve, which reminds me that I need to re-read “Bang”. Practice makes perfect.

Why am I reposting “The Wife Whisperer”?

June 29, 2010

Because Twilight is a teenybopper film with vampires thrown in for the hell of it!!!

Reposted from In Mala Fide:

This guest post was submitted by Laura Grace Robins of Full of Grace, Seasoned with Salt. If you would like to submit a post to In Mala Fide, check out the guidelines for contributions and then email me via the contact form, subject line “Guest Post”.

Well, I’m going to get some heat for this one, but the analogy is worth pointing out. I can’t help watching the Dog Whisperer show without seeing that a husband can also apply the same techniques to his wife. The major theme that Cesar Millan tries to get across is that as a dog owner you need to show that you are the leader of the pack and that you want your dog to be in a “calm and submissive” state. Hmmmmm, sounds familiar, huh? Discussions from my post, “Submitting Love,” got me to thinking if only there was a ‘wife whisperer’ who could come in and teach husbands how to get a handle on their wives. Below, I will offer some suggestions that are adapted from Cesar Millan’s techniques.

If you are offended by my woman/dog analogies, please don’t start barking at me. It only proves my point. After all, how did women get referred to as ‘bitches’ in the first place?

Here is a clip where Cesar discusses how to give affection to a dog. As you watch, every time he says “dog”, put in “wife” instead. I think you will notice some curious similarities.

If you are only giving “heart and body” in your affection, you will be “dragged all over the place and she won’t care.” Sound familiar? Therefore, you also have to give “mind.” Notice the dog at the 1:53 mark. He says in that state, you can shower on all the affection you want, because she is being “calm and submissive”. He says most people share affection when the mind is, “excited, aggressive, tense, fearful, panicky, unstable; people unfortunately have a tendency to share affection in order to calm the mind down–that only intensifies the behavior. It says “I agree with that behavior”. So, in other words, when your wife is excited, aggressive, tense, fearful, unstable, etc., don’t share affection, it only intensifies the behavior.

The best thing to do may be just be to walk away and let the unstable moment pass until she then assumes the ‘calm and submissive’ state. At that point, lay on the affection. It’s positive reinforcement. The current cultural assumption is that when a woman is exhibiting any of those unstable traits, that you are suppose to console and comfort her. A man would be considered heartless if he walks away. Usually he is also considered heartless if he stays and says the wrong thing. So, what is a man to do? Often you just can’t win with either and unstable dog or woman.

I think it also depends on whether she is throwing a hissy-fit over something trivial or whether there is some tragedy going on such as: a death in the family, loss of job, etc. In those cases, affection is appropriate and timely. I am not saying that men should never give affection to their wives; I’m saying, “only at the right time”.

Here I found an article called, “How to Control Your Dog’s Behavior by Being a Pack Leader”. Below, I took some parts from that article and everywhere they wrote “dog,” I swapped in “wife/woman.” Some parts don’t apply, like “How to Put on a Choke Chain.” Believe it or not, I am NOT advocating that. Regardless, give it a read and you will see that it eerily makes sense. My extra thoughts are put in parentheses.

How to Control Your Wife’s Behavior by Being a Pack Leader

Is your wife doing a behavior that you don’t approve of? Does she pull you around? Do you feel that you can’t control her? Is it hard to take items (pretty things) away from her without being bitten (not literally of course)? To solve all the symptoms, we must get to the root of the matter. Your wife is most likely thinking that she is the pack leader, or at least she is confused about who is the pack leader. When you claim leadership, the wife is free and content to be a happy willing follower.

1. Good Reasons to be a Pack Leader

* Your wife will remain well-behaved, even around other women who may or may not be.
* Your wife will learn to respect your possessions.
* Reduces constant barking (or whining).
* Your wife will be less anxious and nervous.
* Your wife will be happier and more content.

2. Learn to Think like a Woman

* Realize that there are some areas where women do think like men, and some areas where they do not. This is important because often men will reinforce negative behavior without knowing it.
* Realize that women live in the present much more than men do. Just because a woman has done something for a while, doesn’t mean that she can’t change. In the same way, just because a woman has had a tough upbringing, or might have been abused, doesn’t mean that she can’t be rehabilitated into a loving, calm wife.
* Women do not have guilt or pity in their mindsets/thinking. If a man expresses these emotions, a woman will interpret them as weakness.
* Women can be given affection without being touched. A look can also convey affection.
* Women have different levels of excitability that they progress through. A problem woman that goes into a frenzy in certain situations cannot be corrected when she has reached her highest level of intensity. You must correct at the lower levels to prevent her from becoming out of control.

3. Learn the Pack Mentality

* Women have a pack mentality (or herd mentality). If you have a wife, you are a member of the same pack that she is.
* If a husband shows weakness when he first brings her into their pack, the wife will often try to become the pack leader herself.
* There will always be a pack leader. If you make sure that it is you, then you’ll be able to control your wife in any situation because they will look to you to see how they should react.
* A woman will try to become the pack leader if no one else is.
* Consider women in a pack (think women and their girlfriend cliques; think how one woman in that group always tends to be the leader and the other women follow whatever she does). Women are happier when they know their place in the pack. Your wife will be more content and happy when you consistently behave like a pack leader. If you allow your wife to be leader in the home, but want to be the leader in other areas, you will frustrate your wife. (The trick, as a husband, is becoming that one popular woman in the girlfriend clique who she will follow around).
* A pack leader … (I recognize some of these are more a wife’s realm, deciding about dinner, etc.)
Decides where the pack will go.
Decides when the pack will eat.
Decides who gets what food.
Decides who is allowed to bark (whine) and when (if at all).
Decides when the pack is allowed to play (decides when to separate business from pleasure).
* Decides what the pack is allowed to play with (decides who are appropriate friends that will exert good influences).
Decides how other members of the pack must behave (decides how the family should behave).
Decides who owns what.
The rest of the pack is not resentful of how this works. To them, it is normal. If you modify your behavior to fit to this model (when relating to your wife), your wife will be content because her pack is working the way her instincts say it should. ( I think that is particularly interesting, about how her instincts say it should work, NOT how society says it should).
When pack leaders correct children in their pack, they are rarely aggressive, but just assertive. Men must learn this combination of calm assertiveness to master their role as the pack leader

4. Be Calm and Assertive When Dealing with Your Wife

* Assertive is different than aggressive.
* If your wife knows voice commands, use them:
o Only in firm tones.
o Don’t use a high-pitched voice.
o Don’t speak in a cutesy voice, like you would to a baby.
o Do not speak in anger.
o Don’t say it as if you are asking the wife a question.
o If you give a command and you know your wife is purposefully ignoring you, stop giving the command, you’re just making it worse.
* If you have seen Star Wars, the “Jedi mind trick” is a good example of calm assertiveness. Not the waving of hands, but the firmness and calmness of the tone of voice.

5. Be the Pack Leader

* A less dominant man can become the leader of many much larger and stronger woman. It is a matter of attitude, not physical power or strength.
* Ways you can convey to your wife that you are the pack leader:
o Exit the house first when you go out. Enter first when you go in.
o Sit at the head of the table.
* Let your wife know what behaviors you, as the pack leader, don’t like.
* Be consistent to correct any behavior that you don’t want. Your wife will be confused if sometimes you correct her, and sometimes you don’t.

Other Tips

* Be assertive, but not aggressive.
* Do not yell at your wife. If you think you have to, you are doing something wrong.
* Share affection as much as you want, but only when your wife is in a calm, submissive state of mind.
* Women usually want to please men. Be consistent, so they understand what you expect of them.
* Be consistent. It will help your wife learn more quickly, and help them to trust you.

The last thing I want to bring up is that Cesar will often give a dog a little pinch when it is misbehaving. So perhaps a little pinch or squeeze of the hand will also do the wife good. Out in public, if she is getting too loud or annoying, or simply just not being respectful, give her a little sign that that sort of behavior is not acceptable. Works for me, and has caused me to bite my tongue. Sometimes it is also just a look. Come to think of it, don’t pinch—that will get you a DV charge–ha!

An amazing example of what Alpha is–and isn’t…

February 7, 2010

…over at Phoenixism, entitled “A Time for a very Alpha post“–which is followed by My name is David. And I’m a nice guy., outlining why being “A Nice Guy” is a death sentence in the sexual marketplace.

Go, and learn. You’ll be the better for it.

This is Alpha, and this is Beta.

January 26, 2010

A quick and dirty summation of what Game is:

This is a man without Game:

He gets eaten alive. This is Beta.

This is a man with Game:

Not only does he not get manipulated but he ends up manipulating her. This is Alpha.

This is Game. No rape, no force, no lies, no deception. Just Game.

(Yes, I know I’ve posted these videos before; the comparison between the Alpha and the Beta are too good to slip below the fold.)

And the Long Knives come out…

January 23, 2010

It didn’t take very long for the personal attacks on Ayla and Arianna Brown(daughters of the newly elected Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts) to start.

The first one, from The Huffington Post, is pretty much what you’d expect from the Left–sour grapes. I mean, come on–you expect people to worked up over a father appearing in a photo with his daughters because his daughters are wearing bikinis? Have we suddenly been transported back in time to Victorian England?

This is supposed to be creepy?

Using the same standard as the Huffington Post–are we supposed to assume that this is creepy too?

Is this supposed to be creepy?

Seriously–grow up.

The second example comes from the feminists website Double X, where Lauren Bans call Ayla the “Tracy Flick of Republican Daughters” (yes–I had to look up Tracy Flick as well). Apparently Ms. Bans is a bit upset at the lengthy list of Ayla’s accomplishments and endeavors. As you can see from the comments to Ms. Bans’ article, attacking Ayla to get to her father did fly to well, and most can see it for what it is: envy. But why the envy?

It isn’t because Ms. Bans is unattractive:

…or that she’s unaccomplished in her own right. It’s not like writing is easy, and being published as much as Ms. Bans has is quite the laudable accomplishment. So, what then explains the “mean girl” routine towards Ayla? I mean, let’s be honest here–Ayla, no matter what her father’s political positions, probably comes down on most issues on the same side of the fence as Ms. Bans. So, why the the lack of “sisterly love”?

Ask yourself this question: who is the alpha male more likely to pursue–the pretty, accomplished intellectual, or the pretty, accomplished actress/singer? Which one stands out the stronger in the sexual marketplace?

Yeah, I came to that conclusion, too. Ayla comes off as the more feminine of the two–despite Ayla being a collegiate athlete (in some ways, because of it). That Ayla’s father is a political enemy doesn’t help much either.

Well, it does help Ms. Bans justify the envy that she feels–and it is envy that she feels. That article reeks of the green monster–and it is proof positive that, for all their talk of “womyn power” or sisterhood, feminists will toss a woman under the bus in a heartbeat if that woman poses a threat to her social standing.

And that’s why Game is so important. Remember what Snark noted:

There is a certain type of woman who likes to ascribe men and women to ‘leagues’, and believes that men should not try to rise out of their ‘league’ and associate with women in higher ‘leagues’. Much like white supremacists, who believe that different races of people shouldn’t associate with each other.

This is what her worldview is based around: the stratification of people into different levels of social and sexual hierarchy.

Game shits all over that, and allows men to climb up, down and all over the social and sexual hierarchy, with the consent and blessings of the women whom they attract, who would otherwise have been out of their ‘league’.

Game destabilizes the hierarchy–it lets men escape the caste that the gynarchy would impose on them, and forces women to compete for men. Because alpha men (hell, men in time it’ll be men in general) are a limited commodity–and as any economist can tell you, when demand is high and supply is low, what people will be willing to pay to get what they want will go up. That’s why women like Lady Raine and Denise Romano freak at the idea of Game going mainstream, and that’s why their claws have come out (and believe me, son–you’ll see a lot more before it’s all over). Not that they’ll get anywhere, but they’ll try their damnest to slam that barn door shut.

And they can’t succeed; the djinn is out of the bottle. Game is out there, and it only goes further and further as time goes on.

Game is proof that men don’t have to walk away–that they don’t have to give up everything that they and those before them fought and sacrificed for to produce civilization. We don’t have to concede the fight.

And that’s something worth living for.