I’ve been much remiss in this…

December 11, 2010

This is Ferdinand Bardamu’s post on Anna Ardin & Sofia Wilens, the two feminists who brought “rape” charges against Julian Assange in retaliation for WikiLeaks’ release of US State department cables.

My personal opinion of Assange notwithstanding, I view the release of the US State Department cables as a good thing overall; if nothing else, it will convince the powers that be to stop waltzing around with their bare asses swinging in the wind. More importantly, it weakens the establishment– and the establishment has been anything but a friend to the people of the United States.

Edit: The Unfrozen Caveman links to an article on Wikileaks by Fred Reed, which sums up the situation nice and neat:

    Two ways exist of looking at Wikileaks, the site that publicizes secret military documents and videos. The first is held self-interestedly by the Pentagon and by Fox News, the voice of an angry lower-middle class without too much education. These believe that Wikileakers are traitors, haters of America, who give aid and comfort to the enemy and endanger the lives of Our Boys.

    Implicit in the Foxian view is a vague idea that the leaks give away important—well, stuff. You know, maybe frequencies of something or other, or locations of ambushes or, well, things. Important things. The Taliban will use this information to kill American soldiers. The notion is vague, as are those who hold it, but emotionally potent.

    The other view, held usually by people who have some experience of Washington, is that the Pentagon is worried not about the divulging of tactical secrets, but about public relations. Wikileaks doesn’t endanger soldiers, insists this way of looking at things, but the war itself, and all the juiceful contracts and promotions and so on entailed by wars.

    Which is obvious if you look at what the military (the president, remember, is commander-in-chief) actually does. Remember the military’s frantic efforts to suppress the photos of torture at Abu Ghraib, photos of prisoners lying in pools of blood while grinning girl soldiers play with them? These had zero tactical importance. They did however threaten to arouse the Pentagon’s worst enemy.

    The American public. (Emphasis Mine.)

And that’s it in a fucking nutshell: Wikileaks threatens to wake the American Public the fuck up. There’s a generational conflict brewing right now between those who maintain the status quo (those who rule ) and those who would change the country ( those who foot the bill ). Wikileaks gives that conflict a huge push.


And this is why I use an alias…

May 1, 2010

You can’t trust anyone. Literally.

Harvard Pulls a Larry Summers on an Ex-Crimethinker

It was a private dinner conversation among three friends. The topic: affirmative action and race. The debate presumably was passionate, given the divergent opinions of the Harvard Law School students.

* Full text of the e-mails

Stephanie Grace, a third-year law student, felt she had not made her position clear, so she followed up via e-mail, according to a person with direct knowledge of events.

“I just hate leaving things where I feel I misstated my position,’’ Grace wrote. “I absolutely do not rule out the possibility that African-Americans are, on average, genetically predisposed to be less intelligent.’’

The lengthy e-mail, sent to her two dinner companions six months ago, ignited an Internet firestorm this week when it was leaked and first reported Wednesday by the legal blog abovethelaw.com, followed by other websites.

This is where we are now. Put aside the question of intelligence, and look at the situation itself: a private conversation is no longer sacrosanct–the only safe place left in the world is the interior of your own skull (and even that is a questionable spot). Is approach anxiety really all that mysterious?

Edit: Well, now I’ve heard the rest of the story: a jealous “friend” went back into her e-mail archive and dug out the six-month old letter, then forwarded it to Black Law Students Association. The BLSA then forwarded it nationally, leading to what is happening now. Hell hath no fury–just ask Tiger.

Joe Iannicelli Exposes Family Court Corruption in Video

January 10, 2010

Re-posted from the article of the same name at The Spearhead:

All I can say is: GODDAMNIT!

This is a death sentence for Iannicelli–at 80, he’s not going to last very long inside, even in a minimum security facility.

How is it that this case could be prosecuted after being dismissed 6 times prior? Just how many bites at the apple do these people get?

And I thought we had corrupt judges in Massachusetts.

Jesus H. Christ!