Vajazzled–basicly, it’s Braille for the cunnilinguist…

March 10, 2010

Obviously, I’m a bit late to the whole meme that Ferdinand was trying to perpetuate, but hey–it just gives me a chance to upstage those fresh out the gate. Though, I must admit–after watching the video that Advocatus Diaboli put up, it’s gonna be tough.

The way I look at it–now that I’m half-way through a liter of SoCo & Cola–vajazzling has certain potentials that can be missed by the novelty of the whole phenomena. I’ve come to see it as Braille for the cunnilinguist; on the other hand, for the daring soul who isn’t afraid of what the boys in the shower think, it could be semaphore for the fellatio virtuoso. Think of the important, personal information that could be transmitted this way–without the awkward, hesitant and embarrassing pauses that would occur in a verbal exchange: “Shit–her mother’s coming on the 15th! I guess I’ll have to attend that business seminar after all!” “What!? She doesn’t like bondage?!? Good thing I kept the receipt from Lucy’s Latex Emporium!” Hell, think of the educational possibilities–who knew the “Gettysburg Address” or the “I Have A Dream” speech could be so enjoyable?