Wisdom most rare and precious.

April 11, 2010

Precious wisdom from Mandolyna Theodoracopulos (obligatory tip o’ the hat to FB):

Additionally, a woman who doesn’t realize she needs women friends to be socially successful, not enemies, is dense. She is also unlikely to be a very happy or stable individual without a solid group of female companions. Women who bed any man they can get their hands on are eventually shunned by both men and women. Sex with married men may be temporarily satisfying, but in the long run amounts to little. What these girls need is a good smack on the arse for being too proud, and another one on the hand for their offenses to female solidarity.

Obviously, men like my father are grateful such idiots exist, otherwise they would be stuck in a world with women they have to reckon with on a deeper level all the time. True intimacy is part of any functioning individuals life, but lets be realistic, it’s not always easy. Sometimes people just need to let loose—why should they have to apologize for it? Blaming a man for wanting a casual connection once in a while is unfair. A little fling is a way to blow off steam, and so much less complicated than family life. The reality however, is that virile men don’t have that much self-control. If a so-called hot chick wants an affair, she usually won’t come up against much resistance. Men are programmed to spread their seed. They are also easily susceptible to flattery. Furthermore, unlike most women, they can compartmentalize sex. So I wonder, what is all the recent fuss about? Why are the men going to rehab when clearly, the women who bed married men should be the ones talking to shrinks?

Women are, and always will be, the gatekeepers of sex. If men cheat, women make it possible; if women want men to stop cheating, they have to stop giving cheaters what they want.

But, hey–what are the chances of that happening?


We all seek our own comfort level.

March 20, 2010

A teacher once told me. “When things go bad, we all want to go home, to the place where we feel safe. We all seek our own comfort level.” Reading Ferdinand’s Infidelity and prole drift post, I think that may be what was behind Jesse James’ infidelity with Michelle McGee, I think that might be what happened: things were beginning to go south in the marriage between Sandra Bullock and James, and he sought out the familiar to take comfort in. The fact that he was previously married to porn star Janine Lindemulder lends strength to my theory.

I mean, lets face it, Ferdinand and Bob Belvedere are right–would you trade this:

Sandra Bullock Blacklund

For this?:

Michelle McGee

At first blush, fuck no. But if the first woman won’t go horizontal with you, while the second says, “You can put it in here, and here…and here…”, even a man who utterly loathes tattoos and piercings is going to say, “Well, maybe…”.

It’s not always a question of options–sometimes it’s a question of who makes you feel like you’re at home.

There’s a lesson for women in this, as well: if you want to keep him from seeking comfort elsewhere, provide him with what he wants at home. You can’t treat a man as an accessory. You wouldn’t expect a cat to stick around if you neglected it–why expect it of a man?

And for those of you who might think, “She’s better off without him”, is she better off with the world wondering why she couldn’t keep her man at home? If women marry bad boys, and the bad boys end up straying, no matter how much you blame the man for straying, the fact remains–she failed to tame him, and that’s a failure that she’s going to have a hard time living down.