Still alive–and that may be part of the problem…

June 19, 2010

My busy time–basically my money making season, which is why I’ve not been posting that much. I’ll probably be going silent again for a while, because I need to find a new apartment, and that is not an easy task in this city.

Two observations that got me pissed this week:

1) Driving home from work yesterday, I noticed in the car behind me that there was a dog sitting in the passenger seat. Nothing wrong with that–I figured that the owner (the woman driving) wanted to give the dog some of the AC to cool off; laudable, actually–it was close to 90 yesterday, and huskies are a cold-weather breed.
But then I saw the old man (most likely the driver’s husband) in the back seat. He was a big guy, and it was a small car, and it was pretty tight fit for him–and his discomfort was pretty evident in his face.

What the fuck?
What kind of woman puts her dog ahead of her man? And what kind of man lets himself be regulated to second place behind a dog? I love dogs, but I would never put a dog at higher value than any person–ever.

The second thing was a little over an hour ago; I was driving along listening to a local rock station, and the DJ was dedicating the show to dads for Father’s Day, talking about “guys and guys stuff”. Just as I’m pulling up to my parking lot, I hear a caller come on and complain that “you know, mothers are fathers sometimes, too”.
Yes, it was a woman. Her complaint was that nobody honors women on Father’s Day had me slack-jawed with shock. The DJ, bless him, gave her hell for it, basically calling her a greedy bitch (“Don’t women have enough holidays? Valentine’s Day? Secretaries Day? Mother’s Day? How much more do you want?!?”). And he was right–Father’s Day is pretty much the only holiday dedicated specifically to men (even if it is predominantly specific subset of men); letting women co-opt it would leave all men out in the cold. And the sad thing is, there probably will be a concentrated attack on Father’s Day by feminists in the future, arguing that there are so few fathers around that they don’t warrant their own holiday. Won’t that be a sad day.


The truth hurts…

March 18, 2010

For a man who claims to have no formal training in economics…

January 24, 2010

…Pro-male/Anti-feminist Tech gives a damn good explanation of what happened to cause the housing bubble, and how the misandry bubble is much the same. I was particularly struck on his observation of the use of shaming language in driving the housing market.

When will the misandry bubble end? It’s anyone’s guess; economics is a Science, but psychiatry and sociology are Arts–they rely on non-empirical measurements and analysis, and laboratory results can vary wildly from experiment to experiment. Just how much pain will men, as a whole, endure? And when the bubble does pop, what will the fallout be?