Still more fury–and the double standard.

February 4, 2010

Oh, boy.

A while back, PUA Roosh V (author of Bang and A Dead Bat In Paraguay: One Man’s Peculiar Journey Through South America) posted an email he received from a stalker. As Roosh expected, the stalker outed herself, and the fallout has spread to other blogs.

Points to take away from the Anoukange/Roosh clash:
1)When your emotions run rampant, you become your own worst enemy. It doesn’t matter how right or wrong you or the other person is or was, or how badly either of you behaved–if you let your emotions go unchecked, you will alienate any allies you might have, and dig yourself deeper into the hole.

2) Game works. Period. Default User has it completely right. Learn, or get left in the dust.

3)Learn from your mistakes. Poetry of Flesh makes an important point in the comments here:

The last time a guy successfully gamed me when I did not wish to be gamed was late ‘08.

Afterwards, when we were lying in my bed, I turned to him and broke down exactly what he did that made me want him, want to sleep with him, then complimented him on his game. He thanked me, then started telling me stories of how he came up with his methods, how often they had worked, what his no-fail LMR tactic was (which is what he used on me and I was so enamoured with).

I still bring up his tactics when explaining game to my guy friends, when they need tips and tricks for handling LMR.

4)Everyone wants to be dominant. No man wants to get strung along for money and drinks; no woman wants to give herself to any man less than her standards require. All personal interactions are exchanges of power between individuals–and no one wants to yield more power for less return (no one wants to pay too much). Women who fear Game do so out a mistaken perception of the playing field: in the modern West, absent rape, women decide with whom, how, and how often they will have sex. Their only limiting factors are a) how high they set their standards when deciding on a sexual partner, and b) thier value in the sexual marketplace. Women always have the home court advantage.

Men, on the other hand, have to stand out from the crowd, overcome his fear and approach, capture her interest, maintain that interest until he demonstrates that he meets her standards, get her to agree to have sex with him, get her to a location where she will feel comfortable having sex, and get her to overcome her last-minute resistance to having sex.

Most men have no idea how to do any of that. The old rules of courtship that our fathers used to woo our mothers don’t work anymore–because the values that women look for in men today are radically different from those our mothers looked for in our fathers. Feminism and the sexual revolution have made men the default losers in the sexual marketplace.

Game is simply the means men use to even the playing field. Game allows a man to demonstrate those characteristics, values, and standards that women are looking for in men. Game teaches men how not to get taken advantage of by women, or engage in behavior that will lower his value in her eyes.

But what Game doesn’t do is trick a woman into having sex with a man. Game isn’t force, or rape. Game doesn’t guarantee that a man will have sex–it just tips the scales back to even. The final decision to have sex still remains the woman’s. It always has been, and it probably always will be.

5)Women can still get away with shit men can’t. Imagine, just for a second, what the situation would be if it had been Roosh writing those emails to Anoukange; what do you suppose the reaction of would have been? Does anyone believe Anoukange faces the same risks that a man would, had he acted the way she has?

Nah–me neither.